Saturday, August 29, 2009

Skyla and Friends

Well, Skyla is having a fun weekend since its is Corgi time in the house. Her good Cardi friend, Abbey, is staying with us for the week since she is having her doggie girly time and driving her friend Louie at home nuts. So, Skyla has Abbey to play with along with her pal Axl. Needless to say...she is in Cardi heaven. Abbey not too sure about little Axl but I am sure he will win her over by the end of the week. I might not make it through the week....:)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yes, I can fit into it....

Skyla and I went out to celebrate a late puppy birthday with her breeders Pat and Neila and her littermates Topper and Turbo. It was a very hot day so Skyla thought it only appropriate to sit in the water dishes. This is something she does everytime she is out there. She doesn't quite fit like when she was a puppy. She sat in the water dishes, ran around like a crazy girl and shared birthday treats with her Cardigan friends. Overall, a very fun Cardigan day..:)