Thursday, July 28, 2011

We are Six Months Old!

Well, the puppies hit a milestone yesterday by reaching the 6 month mark.  Wow, I can't believe they are that old and we have all survived the continued craziness..:)   They are all old enough now to officially terrorize (oh I mean compete) in the conformation ring, Rally/Obedience ring, and all the fun activities they can be involved in.  I wouldn't have traded this experience for the world but would like some of my wood trim back.  Thank you Stevie and Jet.  So here are some updated photos...:)

Stevie:  well what can I say about my white ear girl.   This girl is ready to take on the world and thinks everyone should be at her beck and call..she is lucky everyone in the house adores her.  She is working on getting ready for her conformation debut in August and boy, do we need some work..:)   She has also tried herding and liked it so we are going to continue working on that.   Please note- impossible to get her and Jet to sit still long enough for pictures without tongues hanging out but at least they are not a blur..:)

Rojo:  he has been a very busy Cardi puppy with his mom Sandy.  He is still learning to Track, work on his Rally skills and even tried his hand at herding sheep and was a superstar.  He is growing up to be such a handsome boy.  He will be making his Rally debut at the Topeka shows in August with the possibility of getting his RN like his Uncle Axl. 

Jet:  he is the sweetest boy in the world and seems to get in to trouble due to some sister that tries to blame him for everything.   Jet is working on his conformation debut in August.  He already had a little practice in Oklahoma City in July where he beat his sister and two other Cardi puppies to win breed in the 4-6 month Puppy Competition.  I was so proud of the little man.   He has also done the herding thing and liked well enough that we are going to try it again.   Baby Jet growing up to be a handsome boy too...:)

Louie (aka Tanner):  He is still having great fun with his family in Michigan.  His Pemmie friend, also named Jet, is teaching him the ropes.  Louie has started training classes and his new family hope that he might be a Therapy Dog in the future.  What a happy boy...:)

Macy:  Pretty girl has spent her summer chilling with her daddy Harry and playing with her favorite half-sister Lilly.  She is growing to be so pretty..just like her sister.  Macy is working on getting the show dog stuff down too.  

Saturday, July 23, 2011

We are Herding dogs, don't you know....

Well the puppies have been very busy the closer they get to the 6 month mark.   Rojo has started to learn tracking and obedience and excelling at both.  Stevie and Jet are working on practicing to be show dogs and Jet even won his first breed competition beating his sister and two other puppies in the 4-6 Puppy Competition in OKC.  Louie (aka Tanner) is having a fun summer in Michigan with his family and of course pretty girl Macy is busy being cute with her daddy Harry at Don and Jacque's.

Stevie, Jet, and Rojo had their first herding adventure and all did very well considering it was close to 100 degrees that day.   Below are videos of their first attempts at herding.  Rojo was a superstar wanting to get right after those sheep and move them.  Stevie was the smart girl going to the head of the sheep and putting them in a corner and Jet moved them a little and then decided it way too hot to be messing with silly sheep and went looking for shade. 


Last but not least baby Jet: