Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Hi! Since my name is in the title of this blog, I finally am making my first post. Today is my birthday and it has been a fun day! Can't you tell by my tongue hanging out in all the pictures my mom took. I guess I am two years old and I have gotten some really cool stuff. I got an awesome squeaky sheep from my Vallhund BFF Darby and her mom, Sarah. It's loads of fun to pull the hair off that sheep. Then this evening I got my own tunnel to practice my tunnel runs for agility. Talk about fun...none of my other dog friends know what it is for, so more time for me to run through it...:) For dinner, my mom brought home a Sonic burger, which I gladly shared with my other dog friends and then this little round cake thing..wasn't sure what it was but it was really tasty.

Gosh, I don't know why birthdays don't happen everyday!

PS...that is my friend Brandy in the background of my first picture. She obviously forgot that today is all about me...:)

Monday, July 20, 2009

What, a pool...for me??

Skyla's second birthday is coming up on July 29th and she got an early birthday present-her own personal swimming pool. She has always loved getting in the water especially when she visits her breeders, Pat and Neila. When she was a puppy living with them, she loved to sit in all the water dishes and of course drink out of it while sitting in it. When we go to visit, that is still the first thing she does....try to fit herself in the first water dish, pool or any body of water.

So to celebrate her 2nd birthday, she now has her own pool. (Of course none of her toy dog friends would dare get wet unless it was absolutely necessary). The first thing she did when she got into the pool...take a drink out of it. If nothing else, Skyla is predictable.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Skyla's San Antonio Adventure

Skyla has been a traveling show dog the past few weeks with our latest stop being San Antonio, TX. We were traveling with Skyla's BFF Darby, a Swedish Vallhund, Hawk, also a Swedish Vallhund the big boy with all the girls, and their mom Sarah. The trip included lots of playing in hotel rooms, getting into the feista mood with a new hat and of course, strutting our stuff in the show ring. All great fun!
Darby and Hawk had a very successful weekend with Darby winning all three days, with 2 points on Sat and Sunday getting her second major! What a great day for her and Sarah. Hawk went breed all three days and did himself proud in the Groups. Skyla did pretty well...she beat one boy dog on Friday but no points, went WB on Saturday, still no points, and on Sunday won her class against a very pretty red girl shown by Sherri Hurst but ended up going RWB. Oh well, we had fun and will keep trying to get those points.
Skyla and I are new to blogging so hopefully we will get better as we go along. Look for her next new adventure.