Sunday, November 27, 2011

We all made it to 10 months...:)

 Well....we have made to month ten for the puppies.  This has been a month full of very good and very bad 'stuff'.  The very bad was that Jet got very sick with parvo, even though he has been fully vaccinated.  He was very sick but he is a fighter and with the care of my vets, he pulled through.  So Jet is going to spend some time getting better and growing up.  We all feel very blessed that my baby Jet still here and getting better everyday.

The good was that Rojo has started on his obedience career and got his first leg of his Beginner Novice Obedience title and placed 3rd!  That boy going to be a superstar at everything he does.  Skyla and I are very proud of her pretty red boy.

Louie, the big brindle boy in Michigan, has started therapy dog classes and is doing very well.  So hopefully therapy work will be in that beautiful boy's future.

The girls, Stevie and Macy, are just being as pretty as ever.   Stevie getting ready to make the road trip to Florida to show in the All-Breed shows prior to Eukanuba.   Skyla getting to make her first appearance at Eukanuba so the girls are making a little road trip together. Macy growing up and getting prettier everyday and should make her show debut in 2012.

Below are new pictures of the bunch.




Jet and Stevie: