Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy 1 Month Birthday to Us!

Well, puppies have made it to their official one month birthday. They are getting big and getting to be very rambunctious little guys. They are chewing everything..the toys, each other, and of course me. They are eating well which gives momma Skyla a little break. So, since they are acting like little hooligans, the only pictures I can get are action shots. Hopefully when they are a little older, we can try for some pretty stacked photos like real show dogs.

So Happy Birthday Skyla's and my little (or not so little) Five Pack!

Pretty red boy...gotta love that face.

This is the dark brindle girl with her new bone...please chew on that and not me..:)

Sassy white ear girl...who loves the camera.

Handsome big brindle boy who is trying to fall out of the bed.

Light brindle boy who had to move everytime I tried to take a picture.

Ummm...dark brindle girl decided the light brindle boy better to chew on instead of her bone..:)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy 3rd week birthday!! :)

Well, we made it to three weeks.  The puppies are all walking, talking, getting teeth, and acting like little Cardigans.  The big boy is now up to 4 pounds and the rest well over 3 1/2 pounds.  They are so much fun right now.  So, here are some candid shots since Sarah is coming over to take good ones this weekend.  Ozzy LOVES the puppies and today Axl finally decided he liked them too.   So, here are some not so planned out puppy pictures.

Still working on names and I think I have finally came up with a kennel name too so more information to come..:)

Sleeping light brindle boy...looking so peaceful.

Dark brindle girl looking too sweet while she sleeps.

The three sleeping beauties

Ozzy loving on the girl with the white ear...he loves those puppies

Red boy and white ear girl chewing on each other.

The two still playing with each other..too cute.

Last but definitely NOT least...the big, sweet brindle boy..:)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

So the puppies are about 2 1/2 weeks old. Still growing like weeds, eyes all open, teeth coming in, and they are starting to walk more then crawl. So to celebrate their first Valentine's Day, a photo session was in order. We mixed it up a little with girls and boys and some special red boy getting a solo shot..:)

I timed the photo shoot well because Skyla had just got in to fed them so they had full tummies and were a little tired.  I am getting a little bit better at cropping the pictures so I was not as close as it appears (so no flash in their eyes) and no unwanted background items...:)

On the left, the dark brindle girl who is very sweet and loves tummy rubs.  On the right, is the big brindle boy who is a sweetie too.  He's very cute now that eyes are open.

Here are the two sassy puppies that love to talk to you if things not going their way.  On the left, the little girl with white on her ear.  On the right, is the light brindle boy.  Both fascinated by the bear in all the pictures so profile shots...sorry..:)

Here is some handsome red boy about ready to fall asleep since he had a full tummy.  

Sorry about the uncropped picture (and my slippers) but Skyla has finally let Uncle Ozzy get close to the puppies and he felt the need to check them out.  He is going to be a good big brother to all of them as they get older.  

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Officially two weeks old (02-10-11)....:)

Well, the fabulous five have it made to their official 2 week birthday. All have eyes opening or are open and they are definitely hearing whats going on around them.  The big brindle boy officially made it over the 3 pound mark today with the red boy and dark brindle girl not too far behind.  They are definitely looking too cute with their pretty eyes open and ready to explore their world.  They are talking to each other and to me A LOT...:)  

So here are boy and girl pictures..sorry, with them really on the move now, its hard to get good pictures with my limited photo skills.  Definitely need some photo assistance (Sarah, hint, hint).

Boys, then girls:

So from left to right:  Red boy (how can you miss him), the lighter brindle boy, and big brindle boy (aka 'The Bruiser')

Red boy had enough of this picture he's on the move.

Girls:  on the left the lighter brindle girl with white on her ear.  I swear she is already barking at me.  On the right, the dark brindle girl.  She is not as sassy as her sister...or least not at the moment.

Switched them around on this picture- Dark brindle girl on the left, white ear girl on the right.  What pretty girls..:)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mr Red-solo photo shoot....

Well, since Mr Red was the first to have his eyes open, I couldn't resist taking a few pictures just of this handsome boy.   Everyone except one of his brothers has eyes open.  I will take 2 week birthday pictures tomorrow of everyone.  Hopefully by then we will see all those gorgeous eyes.  But tonight, its all about Mr Red.

 Mr Red on the move and you can barely see that his pretty little eyes are open.

Think Red wanted to close eyes and sleep with brothers and sisters instead of having photo shoot.

It is very tiring trying to stay ahead of this crew...gotta be first with everything. eyes are open already...let me sleep now..:)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Puppies- Super Bowl Sunday (Day 10)

Well Skyla and her puppy entourage have made it to Day 10.  They are all growing so fast.  All three boys are over 2 pounds and girls not far behind.  Think eyes and ears will be opening soon.  So today's photo challenge was to get individual shots.  We used a prop- Ozzy's stuffed dog, which he watched carefully from the door way to make sure that the puppies didn't keep it permanently.   Sarah is going to have to come over real soon so we get some better pictures.   :)

Boys first, then the pretty girls:

This is the big brindle boy.  He now weighs in at 36 ounces.  He definitely liked Ozzy's puppy.

Mr. Red is a very independent young lad.  He likes to hang with his brothers and sisters but always seems to find the warmest spot to sleep on where no else is at.

This is the lighter brindle boy.  He kind of likes a little drama and if doesn't like what's going on, he lets everyone know.  But we all think he is too cute.

This is the dark brindle girl.  She is very sweet and already loves to sleep on her back and have her belly rubbed. 

This is the lighter brindle girl who has white on one ear.  She was on the move in this picture.  She is the petite one (if there is such a thing) of the 5 weighing 29 ounces.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hey...its our 1st week birthday...:)

Well Skyla's five pack have made it through their first week.  They are growing by leaps and bounds with their weights ranging from 29 to 25 ounces.   Skyla doing a good job feeding those big puppies and taking good care of them.  She is getting plenty of food herself so she gets back into shape before you know it.  It has been quite the adventure so far and I am sure the weeks and months ahead will be even more so.  

Also, Skyla and I would like to say thanks to our helpers for the puppies big arrival last week:  Sarah Keth, Nancy Wilson and Neila Gelvin.   Sarah was always there to say 'its going to be okay.'  Nancy and Neila stayed that night Sky was in labor and helped with puppies the next morning.  I am very lucky to have such great friends to help me and Skyla through this first breeding/puppy adventure.

So here are some 1 week old pictures of the bunch.  I need Sarah to come back over to get some really good pictures..:)

Skyla, the proud mama, looking pretty good a week after a c-section and being a first time mom

Okay..puppy pile but it didn't start out that way.  Thought I could get the picture before they started laying on the red boy.

So from left to right:  dark brindle girl, lighter brindle girl, red boy on the bottom of the pile up, lighter brindle boy laying on red's head and the big bruiser on the right.

Skyla making sure all the puppies were okay with their photo moment.

The two girls laying on each other on the left, red boy getting some breathing room, and the two brindle boys laying on each other on the right.