Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry First Christmas..and oh by the way we are 11 Months Old!

The puppies have reached the 11 month mark and its so hard to believe that time has just flown by and they are all looking so grown up.  I remember that this week last year, I got confirmation that Skyla was pregnant and then the work began to be prepared for the arrival of puppies.  So a little update on what they are doing and Christmas pictures from most of them.

Jet-  Jet is making a great recovery from his bout of parvo.  Jet is gaining weight back, running around like his crazy self and seems very close to being 100% again.  He has been taking some time off to get well and just be a puppy.  After the first of the year, I might start slowly getting him back into going to conformation class and starting back at herding.  I feel so blessed that my baby Jet doing so well.

Stevie- Stevie got to make an exciting trip to Orlando with her mother Skyla to attend the Orlando Cluster of shows prior to Eukanuba and then watch her mom make her Eukanuba debut.  Stevie had a successful outing getting Winner's Bitch all three days and picking up a couple more points.  She is growing up to be such a pretty girl...even if she has her own ideas of how to be a show dog.  I am sure 2012 will find her continuing her path toward her Championship and hopefully working on her HT in herding.

Rojo-  Rojo continued his work in Obedience and Rally and is doing very well.  His big accomplishment in the past month was getting his CGC!  He is also continuing his tracking and herding work and hopefully will get certified to start working on his TD very soon.  Skyla and I are always proud of her pretty red boy!

Louie- Louie having a great time with his family in Michigan.  He is still attending obedience classes and may start a Rally class the beginning of the year.  We might have another one of Skyla's puppies with a title before you know it. 

Macy- Macy has been relaxing with her daddy, sisters and grandma Mira and will hopefully make her show debut in 2012.

Rojo with his sister Sophie- way too cute!

Louie with Eric celebrating Christmas.

And last but not least...Jet and Stevie on the official Christmas card of 2011!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

We all made it to 10 months...:)

 Well....we have made to month ten for the puppies.  This has been a month full of very good and very bad 'stuff'.  The very bad was that Jet got very sick with parvo, even though he has been fully vaccinated.  He was very sick but he is a fighter and with the care of my vets, he pulled through.  So Jet is going to spend some time getting better and growing up.  We all feel very blessed that my baby Jet still here and getting better everyday.

The good was that Rojo has started on his obedience career and got his first leg of his Beginner Novice Obedience title and placed 3rd!  That boy going to be a superstar at everything he does.  Skyla and I are very proud of her pretty red boy.

Louie, the big brindle boy in Michigan, has started therapy dog classes and is doing very well.  So hopefully therapy work will be in that beautiful boy's future.

The girls, Stevie and Macy, are just being as pretty as ever.   Stevie getting ready to make the road trip to Florida to show in the All-Breed shows prior to Eukanuba.   Skyla getting to make her first appearance at Eukanuba so the girls are making a little road trip together. Macy growing up and getting prettier everyday and should make her show debut in 2012.

Below are new pictures of the bunch.




Jet and Stevie:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wow...9 Months Old Already!

To celebrate the puppies 9 month birthday today, going to update everyone on their going ons....because you know they are all very busy...:)

Stevie- Well, Stevie is Stevie....full of life and still thinking she is the center of the universe.   She has picked up 4 points and 1 major toward her championship and is continuing on with herding lessons with her brother Jet.  She can be a very sweet girl...when she wants..:)   I just love her and think she is growing up to be a pretty girl.

Jet- Jet is as sweet as can be and loves everyone.   He has also picked up his first major and is starting to get the show dog thing....now if he could just settle down enough to keep his big tongue in his mouth.  Jet doing very well at herding and have hopes that maybe next year, we can try for that HT.   He too is growing to be a very handsome boy (but of course I am a little partial to that brindle boy)

Rojo- Rojo is definitely very busy working on rally, obedience, herding and some beginning agility.  He just earned his first title of Rally Novice in October and takes the honor of being the first of Skyla's puppies to earn a title.  He is as sweet and handsome as ever.

Louie (aka Tanner)- Louie having a great time in Michigan with his Pem friend Jet and his family.  He has been doing obedience classes and is going to take a therapy dog class next. 

Macy- Macy is as pretty as ever....and very sweet.  She has spent the past month or so hanging out with her grandma Mira (Harry's mom) who is 15 and being a great friend to her.

So...here are some pictures of the puppies.  I don't have updated ones of everyone but will try and post some soon.

Stevie and Jet- barely sitting still and of course...with their giant tongues hanging out..:)

The next two are of Louie- the first with his Halloween costume on and the second one is my favorite of my big brindle boy.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Champion in the house...plus some little show puppy won too.

So now that the puppies are older, we are going to go back to sharing news about all the Cardis in the house, I don't think Stevie or Jet will mind...well at least Jet won't. 

Ozzy reached a major milestone...he is officially a CHAMPION (CH Trinity Rvr O's Boy 'O Sisterwood ).  He needed two points to finish the beginning of the Capitol City Cluster in Topeka.  He picked up point #1 on that Friday and the final little point that Monday, 8-22-11.    I couldn't be more proud of my boy.  Ozzy LOVES to show and be a little ornery in the ring and makes it so much fun for me when I get too serious about it.  Ozzy has been such a wonderful addition to the Cardis in my house and I just love the little man.  So now that he is finished, we might continue on with his Grand Championship but also try our hand at Tracking and Herding.

Here is Ozzy's Champion picture...good of him but not of me..:)

Also that weekend, it was Stevie and Jet's dog show debut.  They both did wonderful and I couldn't be prouder of what nice puppies they are.  Stevie surprised everyone and picked her first point the same day Ozzy finished.  A big thanks to Tom Stewart who showed her so I could stay with Ozzy.   Stevie is definitely the wild child in the ring but I think she is growing up to be a pretty girl...just like her momma.   

Stevie's (Obsidian's Sky's The Limit) first show picture...and she really made us work to get it. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

We are Six Months Old!

Well, the puppies hit a milestone yesterday by reaching the 6 month mark.  Wow, I can't believe they are that old and we have all survived the continued craziness..:)   They are all old enough now to officially terrorize (oh I mean compete) in the conformation ring, Rally/Obedience ring, and all the fun activities they can be involved in.  I wouldn't have traded this experience for the world but would like some of my wood trim back.  Thank you Stevie and Jet.  So here are some updated photos...:)

Stevie:  well what can I say about my white ear girl.   This girl is ready to take on the world and thinks everyone should be at her beck and call..she is lucky everyone in the house adores her.  She is working on getting ready for her conformation debut in August and boy, do we need some work..:)   She has also tried herding and liked it so we are going to continue working on that.   Please note- impossible to get her and Jet to sit still long enough for pictures without tongues hanging out but at least they are not a blur..:)

Rojo:  he has been a very busy Cardi puppy with his mom Sandy.  He is still learning to Track, work on his Rally skills and even tried his hand at herding sheep and was a superstar.  He is growing up to be such a handsome boy.  He will be making his Rally debut at the Topeka shows in August with the possibility of getting his RN like his Uncle Axl. 

Jet:  he is the sweetest boy in the world and seems to get in to trouble due to some sister that tries to blame him for everything.   Jet is working on his conformation debut in August.  He already had a little practice in Oklahoma City in July where he beat his sister and two other Cardi puppies to win breed in the 4-6 month Puppy Competition.  I was so proud of the little man.   He has also done the herding thing and liked well enough that we are going to try it again.   Baby Jet growing up to be a handsome boy too...:)

Louie (aka Tanner):  He is still having great fun with his family in Michigan.  His Pemmie friend, also named Jet, is teaching him the ropes.  Louie has started training classes and his new family hope that he might be a Therapy Dog in the future.  What a happy boy...:)

Macy:  Pretty girl has spent her summer chilling with her daddy Harry and playing with her favorite half-sister Lilly.  She is growing to be so pretty..just like her sister.  Macy is working on getting the show dog stuff down too.  

Saturday, July 23, 2011

We are Herding dogs, don't you know....

Well the puppies have been very busy the closer they get to the 6 month mark.   Rojo has started to learn tracking and obedience and excelling at both.  Stevie and Jet are working on practicing to be show dogs and Jet even won his first breed competition beating his sister and two other puppies in the 4-6 Puppy Competition in OKC.  Louie (aka Tanner) is having a fun summer in Michigan with his family and of course pretty girl Macy is busy being cute with her daddy Harry at Don and Jacque's.

Stevie, Jet, and Rojo had their first herding adventure and all did very well considering it was close to 100 degrees that day.   Below are videos of their first attempts at herding.  Rojo was a superstar wanting to get right after those sheep and move them.  Stevie was the smart girl going to the head of the sheep and putting them in a corner and Jet moved them a little and then decided it way too hot to be messing with silly sheep and went looking for shade. 


Last but not least baby Jet:

Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy 5 Month Birthday Five Pack!

Well, its hard to believe that the puppies are already five months old.  How the time flies.  All are doing well.  Rojo, with his new mom Sandy, have started tracking and doing very well.  He is also starting Obedience and Rally and will be taking a class with Uncle Axl at the end of July.   Tanner, now known as Louie, is having great fun in Michigan with his new family and Pemmie friend Jet.  He started his first obedience class last week and was a superstar.  His family is thinking about doing therapy work with him at some point in the future.

Sister Stevie and brother Jet are still living here with the Cardi bunch and practicing to be show dogs.  They are going to get their first real practice in the ring in Oklahoma City in the 4-6 month puppy competition this Friday.  That should be entertaining for all since they are still learning the show dog thing.  And last but definitely not least, Macy has been hanging out with her daddy Harry and the bunch at Jacque and Don's.  I am sure she is such sweeter then some white ear girl that lives in my house...:)   So here are some updated pictures of four of the five.

 Rojo-looking so grown up and so handsome.

 Jet- he is not dead just asleep and the only way I was getting pictures of him and his sister...:)

 Stevie asleep and not causing trouble...always a good thing.

Louie (aka Tanner) being the happy boy he always is.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Puppies..here, there...everywhere...:)

So the puppies have reached the four month marker a couple of weeks ago and they started to move on with their new lives.  Rojo is doing well with Sandy and his Daschund sister Sophie.  He has started learning how to do tracking and started on obedience and is a smart little guy.  Tanner (now known as Louie) is in Michigan with his new family and Pem friend, Jet.  He is doing very well too.  He has a pond to play in and lots of yard to run in.  He is starting puppy classes in the next couple of weeks and I am sure will be a superstar.   Jet is back home from Texas since Sherri was going to be on the road a lot.  We thought it would be good for him to get some extra play time with sister Stevie.  They are so much alike and just run, and run, and run, and run...did I mention they like to run...:)   Sister Macy is living it up with Don and Jacque and their Cardi clan and having a great time.

So here are pictures of the crew...they are growing up to be such pretty dogs.  :)

Rojo and his new sister Sophie...too cute together.

Tanner (aka Louie) playing with his new friend Jet at his new home in Michigan.

Jet and Stevie (chewing on my chair)...blurry pic because I couldn't find my camera and took this with my phone AND they wouldn't sit still...what a surprise.

Last but not least...pretty girl Macy.  Think she needs to teach her sister and brother how to sit still for pictures...:)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Puppies-almost 4 months old!

Lots of changes since the puppies last post.   Rojo is now living with Sandy, who teaches Axl's Rally class, and starting to fit into a new routine and a new big sister, Sophie (Dachshund).   Macy and Tanner are living at Don and Jacque's and having loads of fun with their daddy and other Cardigan relatives. Brother Jet, who is with Sherri Hurst, is having a great time traveling to dog shows and learning how to be a baby show dog.   Stevie is still here hanging with her mom and her Uncles Axl and Ozzy and already trying to rule the house.  Wow, that is a big surprise.

Here are a few pictures of Tanner, Macy and Stevie.  Hopefully will get new pictures of Jet when I see him this weekend and new pictures of some pretty red boy soon...:)

 Tanner-what a handsome boy and look at those ears...:)

 Pretty girl Macy

Sassy (and pretty) girl Stevie, who really likes to take the big bones away from uncles.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week 13..now there are two

Well week thirteen brought lots of changes.   Montana (dark brindle boy) and Macy (dark brindle girl) went to live with their daddy Harry P.   Very sad to see them go but know they are going to be so happy hanging out with all their new Cardigan friends.  Stevie (white ear girl) and brother Rojo (red boy) are the only two remaining in the house.  They got to start puppy class this week and did very well.  Stevie of course thought she ran the class...gotta love her..:)   So Stevie and Rojo are getting more play time with Ozzy, Axl, and Skyla and they are loving it.  Ozzy always loves to play so he is being a very good uncle.  Updates from brother Jet (light brindle boy) in Houston had him playing with some new Pembroke puppy friends and having a good time.

This week brings a puppy sleepover for Rojo.  He is going to hang out with some Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers Monday and show them what a big boy he is.  Stevie going to get her first conformation class experience.  That should be an entertaining time for all.

The gang all together before doing the big split up..:)

The tired two...Stevie and Rojo are so tired running with the big dogs all day.

Exhausted after dealing with sister Stevie all day...he is such a sweet boy.

Stevie, Miss Innocent, wondering why anyone would be tired playing with her all day..:)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Made it to week 12...:)

Well puppies made it to week 12 and they are starting to seem so grown up in many ways.   They can now walk on leads like little show dogs, they actually have names, and BOY are they just chuck full of personality.  This week found all of us recovering from Nationals so not much exciting going on.  Both Macy (aka dark brindle girl) and Montana (aka big brindle boy) found ears slowly coming up with some help.  Rojo (red boy) just being as cute as ever and Miss Stevie (white ear girl) trying to be the boss of everything and everyone and that not working out to her satisfaction..:)

This coming week- Macy and Montana go to Jacque and Don's.   Stevie and Rojo will start puppy classes and maybe conformation classes for Stevie shortly after. 

This week's pictures were taken just after they finished eating...one of the few times they are not running around like crazy..:)
 Rojo-could he be cuter

 Pretty girl Macy...just love that face.

Montana -the sweetest boy of them all

Stevie...um, she is queen of everything if you didn't know that...:)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

11 weeks old and we have already been to our first dog show...:)

Well, the puppies celebrated week 11 in Houston, Texas at the Cardigan National Specialty show.  They all were a big hit with everyone and did so good.  They were great on the drive to Texas and back, learned to walk and potty and lead, and learn a little bit about being show dogs. 

The big change is we left little light brindle boy behind in Houston.  Sherri, their daddy's long time handler, is going to take baby brother for a while to see if he is going to be a show dog like his daddy.  He is going to get to travel to shows and get personal attention of Sherri and her assistant Lauren.  A great experience for my and Skyla's baby.  Its was very sad to leave him but exciting opportunity.

So, think its time to settle on call names- so white ear girl is going to be Stevie (for Stevie Nicks) since her registered name will be Sky's the Limit, which is also a Fleetwood Mac song.  Dark brindle boy- Montana, registered name is Big Sky Country and little red boy is Rojo, registered name will be Crimson Sky.  Dark brindle girl Macy, registered name Sky Mall. 

So, the remaining four got to come back to Missouri and have spent a little time in playing outside today.  So here are a few action shots.

 The remaining four. 

 The pretty girls

 Some crazy sister jumping on brother.

The taped ear duo (brother and sister)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week 10...and we are all exhausted..:)

So the puppies week 10 post is a little late.  Been busy trying to get ready for our big road trip to the Cardigan Nationals in Houston.   Puppies have all been good.  They made a trip to the vet and all in good health.  They all weigh between 12 and 10 pounds so they are growing like weeds.  Doing great on sleeping in the crates at night, playing with the other dogs and just being crazy little Cardi puppies...:)  Weather has been warm and windy and the puppies love it outside.  They played so hard, they had to do some serious napping today.  The evidence below...

One little girl does not like being interrupted from her nap for pictures.

 Puppies soooo tired.....

Red boy likes to stretch out..:)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Puppies Week 9- the craziness continues....

Puppies have made it to week nine. I have barely made it to week nine...:)  The 5 pack have become a crazy pack of dogs.  They love to run around, BARK, and chase each other...did I mention they like to bark.

This week they all moved to individual crates and they have done pretty well except still wanting to get up at 3:30AM.  We have been working on some leash training.  That has not been as successful since they are okay with the leash as long as you are are going in their direction.  So, we are still working on that...:)

They are growing up so fast. I can hardly believe its been nine weeks.  They are looking so cute, especially with ears coming up.

So, the hooligans barely sit still for pictures anymore so here is the best of what I got tonight...they are darn lucky they are so cute...:)

 White ear girl chewing her toy.  Notice that second ear coming up. 

 White ear girl really wanting to take that bone from her brother.  She is showing a lot of restraint...:)

 Light brindle boy getting a minute chewing his bone before sister takes it away.

 Big brindle boy with an innocent look on his face.  Don't think he is that innocent.

 Look at the pretty boy with both ears up...he too cute.

 Dark brindle girl with a certain look in her eye.  She doesn't look that happy with this picture taking stuff.

  Had to add this picture because this is dark brindle girl getting ready to bark at me...something she is doing WAY to much of lately.  The spray bottle is now in use..:)