Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy 5 Month Birthday Five Pack!

Well, its hard to believe that the puppies are already five months old.  How the time flies.  All are doing well.  Rojo, with his new mom Sandy, have started tracking and doing very well.  He is also starting Obedience and Rally and will be taking a class with Uncle Axl at the end of July.   Tanner, now known as Louie, is having great fun in Michigan with his new family and Pemmie friend Jet.  He started his first obedience class last week and was a superstar.  His family is thinking about doing therapy work with him at some point in the future.

Sister Stevie and brother Jet are still living here with the Cardi bunch and practicing to be show dogs.  They are going to get their first real practice in the ring in Oklahoma City in the 4-6 month puppy competition this Friday.  That should be entertaining for all since they are still learning the show dog thing.  And last but definitely not least, Macy has been hanging out with her daddy Harry and the bunch at Jacque and Don's.  I am sure she is such sweeter then some white ear girl that lives in my house...:)   So here are some updated pictures of four of the five.

 Rojo-looking so grown up and so handsome.

 Jet- he is not dead just asleep and the only way I was getting pictures of him and his sister...:)

 Stevie asleep and not causing trouble...always a good thing.

Louie (aka Tanner) being the happy boy he always is.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011, there...everywhere...:)

So the puppies have reached the four month marker a couple of weeks ago and they started to move on with their new lives.  Rojo is doing well with Sandy and his Daschund sister Sophie.  He has started learning how to do tracking and started on obedience and is a smart little guy.  Tanner (now known as Louie) is in Michigan with his new family and Pem friend, Jet.  He is doing very well too.  He has a pond to play in and lots of yard to run in.  He is starting puppy classes in the next couple of weeks and I am sure will be a superstar.   Jet is back home from Texas since Sherri was going to be on the road a lot.  We thought it would be good for him to get some extra play time with sister Stevie.  They are so much alike and just run, and run, and run, and run...did I mention they like to run...:)   Sister Macy is living it up with Don and Jacque and their Cardi clan and having a great time.

So here are pictures of the crew...they are growing up to be such pretty dogs.  :)

Rojo and his new sister Sophie...too cute together.

Tanner (aka Louie) playing with his new friend Jet at his new home in Michigan.

Jet and Stevie (chewing on my chair)...blurry pic because I couldn't find my camera and took this with my phone AND they wouldn't sit still...what a surprise.

Last but not least...pretty girl Macy.  Think she needs to teach her sister and brother how to sit still for pictures...:)