Sunday, January 30, 2011

Puppies- DayThree..really its only day 3?

Skyla and her entourage are starting to settle into to a routine.  If there is such a thing..:)  Sky finally feeling a little better after her c-section but trying hard to be a good mom.  Now if she would only take over poop patrol with her puppies...all would be good.

So, in my attempt to document their progress three days post birthday (01-27-11), here are the boys and girls (who did not cooperate at all).  Hopefully I will get better at taking the pictures.

Skyla with her puppies.  She is trying to sleep but some little man think she a pillow.



Saturday, January 29, 2011

Missing Brindle boy

This is the little brindle boy that got missed from their big birthday photo shoot.  He is a brown brindle with the thinnest of white collar and little white spot on the back of this head.   He a big one and definitely likes to eat.   Look for more photos later today or tomorrow...whenever I have some energy..:)

Brindle boy:

Friday, January 28, 2011

Skyla's Puppies!

It has been a big day in Skyla's and my life.  We have had the arrival of her first (and mine too) litter around 9AM on Thursday, 1-27-11.  5 beautiful Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppies in her first litter.  Skyla (Ch Sisterwood Summer Skyla) and the sire (GCH CH Kingsbury's I'm Harry P) have 3 boys (2 brindle, 1 red) and 2 girls (both brindle).  Their arrival wasn't without a little drama.  Skyla attempted to free whelp the puppies but when her water broke at 3:30AM and no puppies by 6:30AM, the vet wanted to see her and we decided a c-section was in order.  Good thing since when the vet got in there, two puppies were trying to come down the birth canal at the same time.  So Skyla has some pretty big puppies-all around a pound a piece.
So the plan is to keep her blog updated with the happenings of her (and my) first litter.   Thank you to Sarah for these wonderful pictures.

 The Fabulous Five on their big arrival into the world:

This brindle girl with white on her ear:

Red brindle boy:

Dark brindle girl with a pretty back spot on her head:

Mr Red Brindle again...think we missed the other brindle boy with a little white spot on the back of his neck (it was late and everyone tired) so look for that handsome boy's picture coming up soon..:)

Mr. Red- he already a little pistol:

Cute little puppy feet: