Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New (and very first) Champion

Just got Skyla's Champion picture.  She picked up her last major at the Mid-Del Tinker show on July 1 to complete her championship under Judge Judith Brown.  She was shown beautifully by Sherri Hurst who was nice enough to help us get that last stubborn major we had been looking for.  Sherri made my girl look sooo beautiful.  Skyla is my first show dog, first show Cardigan and now my first champion.  We worked for what seemed like a long time to get this and I am thrilled beyond belief.  Skyla and I learned the dog show thing together and made lots of mistakes along the way but I couldn't ask for a more beautiful, fun, happy Cardi girl to do it with.   I will always remember this moment.  Way to go Skyla girl..:)