Sunday, April 24, 2011

Made it to week 12...:)

Well puppies made it to week 12 and they are starting to seem so grown up in many ways.   They can now walk on leads like little show dogs, they actually have names, and BOY are they just chuck full of personality.  This week found all of us recovering from Nationals so not much exciting going on.  Both Macy (aka dark brindle girl) and Montana (aka big brindle boy) found ears slowly coming up with some help.  Rojo (red boy) just being as cute as ever and Miss Stevie (white ear girl) trying to be the boss of everything and everyone and that not working out to her satisfaction..:)

This coming week- Macy and Montana go to Jacque and Don's.   Stevie and Rojo will start puppy classes and maybe conformation classes for Stevie shortly after. 

This week's pictures were taken just after they finished of the few times they are not running around like crazy..:)
 Rojo-could he be cuter

 Pretty girl Macy...just love that face.

Montana -the sweetest boy of them all, she is queen of everything if you didn't know that...:)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

11 weeks old and we have already been to our first dog show...:)

Well, the puppies celebrated week 11 in Houston, Texas at the Cardigan National Specialty show.  They all were a big hit with everyone and did so good.  They were great on the drive to Texas and back, learned to walk and potty and lead, and learn a little bit about being show dogs. 

The big change is we left little light brindle boy behind in Houston.  Sherri, their daddy's long time handler, is going to take baby brother for a while to see if he is going to be a show dog like his daddy.  He is going to get to travel to shows and get personal attention of Sherri and her assistant Lauren.  A great experience for my and Skyla's baby.  Its was very sad to leave him but exciting opportunity.

So, think its time to settle on call names- so white ear girl is going to be Stevie (for Stevie Nicks) since her registered name will be Sky's the Limit, which is also a Fleetwood Mac song.  Dark brindle boy- Montana, registered name is Big Sky Country and little red boy is Rojo, registered name will be Crimson Sky.  Dark brindle girl Macy, registered name Sky Mall. 

So, the remaining four got to come back to Missouri and have spent a little time in playing outside today.  So here are a few action shots.

 The remaining four. 

 The pretty girls

 Some crazy sister jumping on brother.

The taped ear duo (brother and sister)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week 10...and we are all exhausted..:)

So the puppies week 10 post is a little late.  Been busy trying to get ready for our big road trip to the Cardigan Nationals in Houston.   Puppies have all been good.  They made a trip to the vet and all in good health.  They all weigh between 12 and 10 pounds so they are growing like weeds.  Doing great on sleeping in the crates at night, playing with the other dogs and just being crazy little Cardi puppies...:)  Weather has been warm and windy and the puppies love it outside.  They played so hard, they had to do some serious napping today.  The evidence below...

One little girl does not like being interrupted from her nap for pictures.

 Puppies soooo tired.....

Red boy likes to stretch out..:)