Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New (and very first) Champion

Just got Skyla's Champion picture.  She picked up her last major at the Mid-Del Tinker show on July 1 to complete her championship under Judge Judith Brown.  She was shown beautifully by Sherri Hurst who was nice enough to help us get that last stubborn major we had been looking for.  Sherri made my girl look sooo beautiful.  Skyla is my first show dog, first show Cardigan and now my first champion.  We worked for what seemed like a long time to get this and I am thrilled beyond belief.  Skyla and I learned the dog show thing together and made lots of mistakes along the way but I couldn't ask for a more beautiful, fun, happy Cardi girl to do it with.   I will always remember this moment.  Way to go Skyla girl..:)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner..:)

Skyla is going to share her blog with her buddy Ozzy since he picked  up 2 more points in Tulsa over Memorial Day weekend.  She was very proud of her little man.   Ozzy (Trinity Rvr O's Boy Busy 'O Sisterwood) is almost 7 months old in this picture and still learning to be a show dog.  He kept thinking that the judge was going to give him a piece of chicken for standing so nicely on the table.  Silly boy...:)

Monday, May 17, 2010

They say its my birthday...

Skyla letting Axl borrow her blog to let everything know its his first birthday today. He had a very good time. He got to celebrate it twice. Once with Pat and Neila, his breeders, on Sunday and then on the real thing on Monday. He got a cool stuff rooster, Three Dog Bakery cake to share and a Sonic burger for dinner. Axl thinks birthdays are very cool and he got to share it with his best Cardi buddies Skyl and Ozzy. All is good in the world...:)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Where are my boys and why are they not playing with ME??

Skyla is taking a little break from showing while she is growing some hair so her and her boys, Axl and Ozzy, decided to enjoy a nice spring day.  Guess the boys did not get the memo that all play was to be centered around Skyla. 
Where are my boys? 

We are hanging out having some boy time.

Much better...now lets play!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You want me to stand still now?

Skyla sharing her blog with cousin Ozzy today.  Ozzy has started going to conformation class so he can be a big show dog like Skyla.  He doesn't quite get that we need to stand on the table or not look at a camera if someone is trying to take a profile picture.  He is a little ham for the camera and justs want to get his face is in it..:).  

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Herding 101

Skyla, Axl and Ozzy joined Sarah and her puppies, Syd and Darby for a herding clinic last weekend.  I stole the picture above from Sarah.  Ozzy, the one running on the left, and Sarah's puppies Avery, Olive and the big Biscuit were waiting their turn with the sheep.  Skyla did not want anything to do with the sheep especially after one named Snowball tried to head butt her.  Axl thought it was lots of fun but really wasn't sure what he was suppose to do and Ozzy was very interested ...in eating the sheep poop.   Axl and Ozzy showed a 'flash' of interest so they might get to go again to see if they continue to show interest in herding those big sheep.  It was definitely a fun experience even if Princess Skyla did not enjoy the sheep.   :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Skyla 2010 Update

Skyla has been busy so far in 2010 and hasn't kept up with her blog but she is going to try and do better. So far 2010 has been in search of her last major, which we are still looking for. She has a new Corgi friend, Ozzy, her and Axl's cousin, who just loves her. Sky gets a lot of male attention in the house between Axl and Ozzy and is loving it. She has started back in agility class and is having great fun.

So Princess Skyla promises to take breaks between going for that major and being adored by young Corgi males to keep everyone updated on her exciting life..: