Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Puppies-almost 4 months old!

Lots of changes since the puppies last post.   Rojo is now living with Sandy, who teaches Axl's Rally class, and starting to fit into a new routine and a new big sister, Sophie (Dachshund).   Macy and Tanner are living at Don and Jacque's and having loads of fun with their daddy and other Cardigan relatives. Brother Jet, who is with Sherri Hurst, is having a great time traveling to dog shows and learning how to be a baby show dog.   Stevie is still here hanging with her mom and her Uncles Axl and Ozzy and already trying to rule the house.  Wow, that is a big surprise.

Here are a few pictures of Tanner, Macy and Stevie.  Hopefully will get new pictures of Jet when I see him this weekend and new pictures of some pretty red boy soon...:)

 Tanner-what a handsome boy and look at those ears...:)

 Pretty girl Macy

Sassy (and pretty) girl Stevie, who really likes to take the big bones away from uncles.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week 13..now there are two

Well week thirteen brought lots of changes.   Montana (dark brindle boy) and Macy (dark brindle girl) went to live with their daddy Harry P.   Very sad to see them go but know they are going to be so happy hanging out with all their new Cardigan friends.  Stevie (white ear girl) and brother Rojo (red boy) are the only two remaining in the house.  They got to start puppy class this week and did very well.  Stevie of course thought she ran the class...gotta love her..:)   So Stevie and Rojo are getting more play time with Ozzy, Axl, and Skyla and they are loving it.  Ozzy always loves to play so he is being a very good uncle.  Updates from brother Jet (light brindle boy) in Houston had him playing with some new Pembroke puppy friends and having a good time.

This week brings a puppy sleepover for Rojo.  He is going to hang out with some Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers Monday and show them what a big boy he is.  Stevie going to get her first conformation class experience.  That should be an entertaining time for all.

The gang all together before doing the big split up..:)

The tired two...Stevie and Rojo are so tired running with the big dogs all day.

Exhausted after dealing with sister Stevie all day...he is such a sweet boy.

Stevie, Miss Innocent, wondering why anyone would be tired playing with her all day..:)