Thursday, March 31, 2011

Puppies Week 9- the craziness continues....

Puppies have made it to week nine. I have barely made it to week nine...:)  The 5 pack have become a crazy pack of dogs.  They love to run around, BARK, and chase each other...did I mention they like to bark.

This week they all moved to individual crates and they have done pretty well except still wanting to get up at 3:30AM.  We have been working on some leash training.  That has not been as successful since they are okay with the leash as long as you are are going in their direction.  So, we are still working on that...:)

They are growing up so fast. I can hardly believe its been nine weeks.  They are looking so cute, especially with ears coming up.

So, the hooligans barely sit still for pictures anymore so here is the best of what I got tonight...they are darn lucky they are so cute...:)

 White ear girl chewing her toy.  Notice that second ear coming up. 

 White ear girl really wanting to take that bone from her brother.  She is showing a lot of restraint...:)

 Light brindle boy getting a minute chewing his bone before sister takes it away.

 Big brindle boy with an innocent look on his face.  Don't think he is that innocent.

 Look at the pretty boy with both ears up...he too cute.

 Dark brindle girl with a certain look in her eye.  She doesn't look that happy with this picture taking stuff.

  Had to add this picture because this is dark brindle girl getting ready to bark at me...something she is doing WAY to much of lately.  The spray bottle is now in use..:)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

We are Eight Week Old...AND CRAZY..:)

The puppies have reached the eight week mark and they have turned into some crazy puppies.  Always running until they drop..:)   This week we have started working on walking on leashes and plan to start doing some table work so they can be little show dogs. Red boy has decided that both ears need to be coming up.  All are doing well with the crate training and we are making small progress on potty training. 

So since we have made it to eight weeks...I have finally started working on names.  Sherri Hurst, their daddy's long time handler, helped with a theme for Skyla's and my first litter.  So after their momma, this is going to be the 'Sky' litter.   None of the names are final and still working on a few but thought we would put them out there and see if they stick.  Any suggestions are welcome...:)

 Obsidian's Crimson Sky- call name Rojo, which is Spanish for Red.  Appropriate for the handsome red boy.

 Obsidian's Big Sky Country-call name Montana. Since he has always been the big one of the bunch (Please note- the chewed on chair is not the fault of puppies but of Axl and Ozzy when they were a little younger.) 
 Obsidian's Vanilla Sky- call name Cruise.  Not sure on this one but I do think he is as handsome as a movie star..:)
 So girl names have been a little harder.  I think I want to call one Obsidian's Skies the Limit but not sure on a call name.  And for the other, either Obsidian's Pie in the Sky or maybe Obsidian's Sky High.  Again, not sure on call names. 
The dark little girl is so pretty she has to have the right name.

And of course, Miss Sassy has to have the right name so still have some thinking to do...:)

Friday, March 18, 2011

We made it to week 7...:)

So puppies are now 7 weeks old and boy, are they keeping me on my toes.   They are now sleeping in crates at night and making regular trips outside to start working on the potty training.  And we hit a milestone with one of the 5 pack- ears are starting to come up.  Of course, the first would have to be the little white ear girl since she has to be the first with everything. 

Here are a few pictures during their nightly play session and some puppies even look tired.

 Mr Red.  He is always the first to want to get a belly rub and snuggle on your lap.

 Big brindle boy...he looks very tired after rough housing with brothers and sisters.

 Mr Drama (aka light brindle boy) finally worn out..:)

 Some dark brindle girl still ready to play.

Wow...look at that ear.  She very tired or I wouldn't have gotten a good shot of that pretty ear.

Some girl can barely keep eyes open.  It must take a lot of work to have one ear up and one ear down.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

We are Six Weeks and Sassy!

Well, welcome to 6 week of Skyla's Five Pack.  They are definitely having a fun time as they get older.  They are wrestling with each other, playing with toys, eating puppy food AND trying to destroy everything they can get their sharp puppy teeth into...:)   So, I have my hands full but am loving every minute of it.  Can't believe its already been six weeks.  So this weekend we are going to start working on crating at night, going outside more and moving out of the puppy/computer room. 

Think I have decided on a kennel name of  Obsidian.  Its a black volcanic stone that is to ward off negativity.   I wanted a name that was different but still reminded me of Skyla.  So since its black and pretty, just like my girl, I thought it would fit.  Have been toying with naming the puppies even though their names will change when they go to their permanent homes but still deciding on names...more to come on that front. 

So here are some pictures of their favorite place to the hall.  

So cute...Mr Red.

Light brindle boy chilling in the bed.

Dark brindle boy learning the fine art of playing tug.

So sweet...dark brindle girl

Last but not least...Miss White Ear, who I think looks a lot like her daddy Harry but acts a lot like her momma Skyla...definitely the Princess of Sassiness.  

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Watch we come!

Well, the puppies celebrated week five by having a little play session on the nice wood floors in the hallway.  They all had great fun pouncing on each other and barking since it echos a little.   Puppies all growing like weeds, chewing on each other and everything else.  This weekend hopefully they will get to experience a little outdoor action for the first time, if the weather cooperates. 

So for your viewing pleasure...puppies playing in hallway.   I just love these guys...they are way too cute (but I might be a little biased..:)

Light Brindle boy..too cute.

 Mr Red...he so handsome.

Big dark brindle boy...just love that face 

Dark brindle girl..pretty girl taking a rest for wrestling with brother 

Miss Sassy white ear..:)