Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wow...9 Months Old Already!

To celebrate the puppies 9 month birthday today, going to update everyone on their going ons....because you know they are all very busy...:)

Stevie- Well, Stevie is Stevie....full of life and still thinking she is the center of the universe.   She has picked up 4 points and 1 major toward her championship and is continuing on with herding lessons with her brother Jet.  She can be a very sweet girl...when she wants..:)   I just love her and think she is growing up to be a pretty girl.

Jet- Jet is as sweet as can be and loves everyone.   He has also picked up his first major and is starting to get the show dog if he could just settle down enough to keep his big tongue in his mouth.  Jet doing very well at herding and have hopes that maybe next year, we can try for that HT.   He too is growing to be a very handsome boy (but of course I am a little partial to that brindle boy)

Rojo- Rojo is definitely very busy working on rally, obedience, herding and some beginning agility.  He just earned his first title of Rally Novice in October and takes the honor of being the first of Skyla's puppies to earn a title.  He is as sweet and handsome as ever.

Louie (aka Tanner)- Louie having a great time in Michigan with his Pem friend Jet and his family.  He has been doing obedience classes and is going to take a therapy dog class next. 

Macy- Macy is as pretty as ever....and very sweet.  She has spent the past month or so hanging out with her grandma Mira (Harry's mom) who is 15 and being a great friend to her. are some pictures of the puppies.  I don't have updated ones of everyone but will try and post some soon.

Stevie and Jet- barely sitting still and of course...with their giant tongues hanging out..:)

The next two are of Louie- the first with his Halloween costume on and the second one is my favorite of my big brindle boy.

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