Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry First Christmas..and oh by the way we are 11 Months Old!

The puppies have reached the 11 month mark and its so hard to believe that time has just flown by and they are all looking so grown up.  I remember that this week last year, I got confirmation that Skyla was pregnant and then the work began to be prepared for the arrival of puppies.  So a little update on what they are doing and Christmas pictures from most of them.

Jet-  Jet is making a great recovery from his bout of parvo.  Jet is gaining weight back, running around like his crazy self and seems very close to being 100% again.  He has been taking some time off to get well and just be a puppy.  After the first of the year, I might start slowly getting him back into going to conformation class and starting back at herding.  I feel so blessed that my baby Jet doing so well.

Stevie- Stevie got to make an exciting trip to Orlando with her mother Skyla to attend the Orlando Cluster of shows prior to Eukanuba and then watch her mom make her Eukanuba debut.  Stevie had a successful outing getting Winner's Bitch all three days and picking up a couple more points.  She is growing up to be such a pretty girl...even if she has her own ideas of how to be a show dog.  I am sure 2012 will find her continuing her path toward her Championship and hopefully working on her HT in herding.

Rojo-  Rojo continued his work in Obedience and Rally and is doing very well.  His big accomplishment in the past month was getting his CGC!  He is also continuing his tracking and herding work and hopefully will get certified to start working on his TD very soon.  Skyla and I are always proud of her pretty red boy!

Louie- Louie having a great time with his family in Michigan.  He is still attending obedience classes and may start a Rally class the beginning of the year.  We might have another one of Skyla's puppies with a title before you know it. 

Macy- Macy has been relaxing with her daddy, sisters and grandma Mira and will hopefully make her show debut in 2012.

Rojo with his sister Sophie- way too cute!

Louie with Eric celebrating Christmas.

And last but not least...Jet and Stevie on the official Christmas card of 2011!

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