Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy First Birthday to Us!

On 1-27-12, the puppies officially turned a year old.  This has been an exciting year watching them grow up, go to new homes and start all those wonderful Cardi activities.  We had a puppy birthday party that four of the five got to attend and it was great fun for all.  Brother Louie in Michigan also had his own party and looked like he had a good time too.  I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful experience with my first litter of Cardigans and except for the small blip of Jet's terrible illness, it has been a year full of fun and lots of Cardigan barking.  So here is a brief recap of what they are all doing plus birthday pictures.

Stevie:   Stevie is continuing on with her baby show dog thing...though not so much  a baby.  She has 6 points and one major and we hope to continue that work in 2012.  She is also still working on that herding title and we need to get back to practicing with those sheep soon.

Jet:  Jet has been going to conformation class to get back in the swing of being a show dog.  Once he grows some hair, he will be back in the ring working on that championship like his sister Stevie.  He has been going to class and will be doing his first fun match this weekend since he has been sick.  Jet also still working on herding and need to get him out playing with the sheep ASAP.

Rojo:  Rojo has been a very busy boy working on tracking, herding, and Rally/Obedience.  He is going this weekend to try to be certified for Tracking so that he can work on that first leg of his TD. He is such a smart and happy boy and know he is going to have lots of titles very soon.

Louie:  Louie has been a very busy boy in Michigan. He just got certified as a Therapy Dog this week and is also working on Rally and Obedience.  He is a joy to his family that just love him and I couldn't be happier for him.

Macy:  Macy made her dog show debut in January at the Des Moines shows and got Best Puppy and a Puppy Group 4 on her first day as a baby show dog and a major Reserve on the second day.  I am so proud of that baby girl and happy to see her in the ring with Stevie and Jet. 

Louie Birthday picture:

Rojo, Jet and Stevie getting birthday presents:

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